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We need to keep Una Avenue access

To The Eagle:

In last week's paper, on the front page, it was noted that for some reason, the state was suddenly proposing to close the left turn access lane from SR 4, onto Una Street, which has certainly raised some eyebrows. Why on earth would they do that? Usually a big change like that would come due to a high volume of accidents or deaths at a particular "troubled spot" but considering this particular area has not been a place of multiple issues, why in the world would you eliminate that access? How are all those trucks and boats going to the marina, or the big rigs of the PUD's going to their shop or delivery rigs to Brusco's and more, going to get to their locations/destinations if that turn off is eliminated? Do we want all of that traffic turning in front of the pizza, realty office, cottage rental street and then stopping at the stop sign there? Ummm, No!

This turn as been there for years and if there was ever going to be a change, then one could widen the highway to the right of it and make it a straight thru lane while having a designated turning lane to Una; but elminate it, no way! Considering that SR 4 has multiple areas where the road is falling away, with guardrails dangling over air and shoulders closed due to so much erosion, the very idea that they would concern themselves over this particular matter, just absolutely floors me and everybody I have talked to about this.

If need be, let's make our voices heard loud and clear that we definitely do not want that access eliminated! Beings WSDOT brought this up to Mr. Tramblie of the PUD, we need to let him know that he has our support in keeping things as they are.

Kay Chamberlain



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