Guns and crosswalks discussed


April 22, 2021

To The Eagle:

After reading last week’s Eagle I realize the weekly Sheriff’s Report now has competition for entertainment value. There were a couple of beauties that stood out last week.

The runner up was the article about the county commissioners adopting the gun resolution, as stated on the front page. I’m shocked at how tone deaf they are to what’s happening across America. Laws will eventually be passed to stop the daily, needless killings, and done without taking away our basic, 2nd amendment rights. We all know that. Hanging on to the old defensive justifications that “our guns will be taken away” though is unfounded, old fashioned, and out of touch. The irony to the one commissioner’s rationale that the resolution was appropriate because Trump was a 2nd amendment supporter was laughable. Over 70 percent of Americans want better gun control, as does the majority of NRA members, as does our current, majority elected administration. Moreover, if ex President Trump really wanted to protect Constitutional rights, it surely wasn’t on display on January 6th when he tried to undo our overall democracy.

The overall winner for entertainment though was the Island writer suggesting crosswalks aren’t needed for our students when they cross Hwy #4. These students have school related reasons for needing to cross the Hwy. Maybe we should get a timer out and see how fast and effective that writer is at crossing a two lane highway, with car traffic and logging trucks zooming by at 45 miles an hour (?). Based on his comments though, at a minimum it sure doesn’t sound like he has any children or grandchildren.

Bill Wainwright



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Rlag writes:

If anyone looks carefully at the unlawful deadly use of firearms across the United States it will be apparent that the vast majority of these crimes take place in locals that have the strictest gun control laws. It is not laws that keep people from using aggresive deadly force but civil society and positive cultural norms. Wahkiakum County is a perfect example of a well armed population with values that promote cooperation and not violence. Respectfully, Rick La Greide


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