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Justice system is what needs fixing


April 29, 2021

To The Eagle:

Through the years, guns have been assembled in different ways for different purposes; some evil some good.

Even though the 2nd Amendment was ratified in December 1791, there is nothing to add to it for gun control.

The gun, whether it is laid upon the table by itself or in a drawer, does not kill. But when an individual picks up a gun, aims and pulls the trigger, that is the killer, not the gun. The killer is what needs control and he/she should be put into prison. For how long in prison depends on whether that individual killed with intent, without intent, mercy killing or self-defense. Besides, if not guns they’ll use other weapons like knives, shovels, baseball bats, lamps, vehicles, etc.

Prison sentences could be categorized into three separate buildings: 1. is for those intent to kill and are mentally sane; 2. for those intent to kill but suffer mental disability; and 3. for those without intent or did it for mercy. Perhaps they’re already set up that way and I am not aware.

However, our justice system today is nothing to uphold being it’s so full of loopholes it seems to protect the criminal more so than the victim; which is another story that our justice system has turned into a lunacy.

Like Michael Linn, many of us grew up with guns as if it were part of the family. Knowing what guns can do, we treat it with care and respect. To add more regulations to gun control would be pointless. What needs fixing is the justice system.

Toni Below



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