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Vaccines are very effective

To The Eagle:

I am writing to encourage each person 16 years old and older to receive a Covid vaccine. The vaccines have been shown to be very effective (95-100%) in preventing death and significant complications from Covid as well as preventing Covid altogether in about 85% of people. They have also been carefully studied and underwent similar clinical trials just like other vaccines. The vaccines were able to be produced much more quickly than usual using prior research on similar vaccines and they continue to be monitored for any potential safety issues.

Even though I had Covid infection last year, I received the vaccine as it has been shown to help prevent reinfection with the newer strains. Also we are becoming increasingly aware of longer term complications from Covid which we need to prevent. Vaccination appears to be the best method of getting the pandemic under control.

I wish you all continued good health!

Keith Wright MD

Christiana, Pennsylvania


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