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Meet Our Seniors: Tristan Collupy

For some strange reason, it was the baseball coach's wife who decided years ago that Tristan Collupy should play the position of catcher. He's been happily hunkered down at home plate ever since.

"I love it," Tristan said. "I get to see everything. I've been playing baseball since I started walking. I was pretty much born into it. My dad has always been a sports fan and played baseball. I've carried it on."

Tristan also plays football, and turned out for basketball for two years.

The baseball coach, Marc Niemeyer, is also one of Tristan's favorite teachers.

"He's always relaxed and having fun in weight training," Tristan said. "He always has a smile on his face. In baseball, he's always pushed me to the max, wanting me to be the best player I can be."

Tristan also enjoys time in the classroom, or rather time outside the classroom, with Jeff Rooklidge, who teaches Environmental Science and is a coach for the baseball team.

"We always go outside in his class and have fun," Tristan said. "We went to the refuge for wood duck boxes, and in other classes we did experiments and all the good stuff."

Another sport that Tristan has been involved in during high school is trapshooting.

"I've been doing it for four years, but this year I'm buckling down and attending everything," Tristan said.

He loves it because he can be with his friends, just shooting guns.

In his spare time, he loves to hunt and fish, and is currently working for Brad Carlson in the logging industry.

After graduation, he plans to attend Lineman School in Idaho with a few of his friends.

As for high school, he will never forget the car rides to and from baseball games. Those memories will stay with him forever.

Tristan is the son of Treasure and Michelle Collupy.


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