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WSU Master Gardener On-line Workshops: May

On Tuesdays at noon, and Wednesdays at 6 p.m., WSU Master Gardeners present weekly on-line free programs. No need to register, just pop in. Connection information (you must have a zoom account--sign up for one at, then join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android from this link:

Meeting ID: 775 605 6320

Password: 12345

Phone Call: +1 253 215 8782, 775 605 6320#

For help, contact Gary Fredricks at or 360-577-3014 Ext. 3. Workshops are sponsored by Washington State University Extension Master Gardeners.

May 4--Noon: May Garden Tips. WSU Master Gardener Alice Slusher will talk about what tasks are important in your garden in May, as well as pests and plant diseases you may encounter. She will give advice on how to manage problems in the most environmentally friendly ways.

May 5--6 p.m: Raised Beds. Raised bed gardens can be a great option for home gardeners. WSU Master Gardener Don Enstrom will talk about the pros and cons of using raised beds, as well as location, size, materials, site prep, and soil options.

May 11--Noon: How to get a Ripe Tomato in the PNW. With our short growing season and cool nights here in the PNW, it can be a real challenge to grow luscious red tomatoes. WSU Master Gardener Alice Slusher will share some tips for growing healthy ripe, red tomatoes in your garden.

May 12--6 p.m: Irrigation. Don’t be intimidated by drip irrigation! WSU Master Gardener Jerry Winchell will explain how to construct a simple and inexpensive sprinkler system that can be used for your vegetable garden, hanging baskets, porch plants and for other situations. Find out how to develop a sprinkler system that allows you the flexibility to reduce water use, save time, use less labor and control weeds.

May 18--Noon: How to make a Lifetime Tomato Cage. WSU Master Gardener Alice Slusher will show how to build simple tomato cages that will last a lifetime, store easily, and allow easy access to your tomatoes.

May 19--6 p.m: Hydrangeas. Hydrangeas bring lots of color and textures to our gardens, but it can be confusing to know how to care for the different types of hydrangeas. WSU Master Gardener Gail Gibbard will discuss the differences between hydrangeas and how to grow and care for each type.

May 25--Noon: Vertical Gardening. Short on space? Do you only have a small area of sunlight and want to maximize it? WSU Master Gardener Marilee Hertig will discuss various strategies to help you grow up and increase what you can grow in limited space.

May 26--6 p.m: Pasture Management. Want to improve pasture quality and increase forage yields? Gary Fredricks, WSU Cowlitz County Extension Director, will discuss best practices to keep your pastures productive for the long run while maximizing forage through managed grazing.


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