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Constant denigration of our country continues

To The Eagle:

The constant unceasing denigration of our country continues apace. The self-anointed holy among us decry our allegiance to basic American values. They want us to disarm and beg forgiveness from the hateful Left. We Americans are guilty of racism, sexism, and our syrupy America-First beliefs.

Did you ever stop to think why so many people hate their own country and a good half of its people? The virtue-signaling gun control cries from a few of our locals and the publisher of this newspaper clearly shows their disregard for our constitutional rights. And, hey, where are the bleatings about systemic racism in this benighted all white population? The virtuous don’t want to expose their complete ignorance about what goes on in Democrat controlled big cities in this nation. The folks from those big cities moved here to get away from the disaster. Of course, some of those same folks will continue voting for the same monstrous policies that made them want to move in the first place.

We live with masochists, with people who enjoy pain. Many in our populace enjoy the pain of others. They are not complacent; they are genuinely malicious. Who else would celebrate unlimited abortion, riots in the cities, toppling of revered statuary, and reparations? The fool guilty white liberal, that’s who.

A nation that adopts self-excoriation as its national pastime looks weak. The Chinese CCP is watching and licking its chops. As the West denigrates its previous sources of pride, its monuments, its history, and its very founding documents, our enemies watch and exult. Trump was a strong leader, too strong for the weak-hearted among us. Now we have a feeble and weak leader, the head of a bankrupt and vapid party. We must defeat these losers. If they succeed, we will all lose our unique-in-this-world republic. That is representative government.

Mike Swift



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