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We don't need any new taxes


To The Eagle:

About three weeks ago I received a letter from Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler. To make it short, she stated that the talk in Olympia is surrounding new taxes, even a state income tax. She wrote to Inslee requesting to oppose all new taxes including state income tax. Let’s see if he listened to her.

Also how in hells bells would Inslee and Brown allow BLM and Antifa Activists to have its own headquarters in Portland and Seattle terrorizing people and vandalizing properties?

We need law and order. The legislators should be talking about eliminating unnecessary regulations, fees and taxes. Frankly, they need to take an extreme pay cut. All they do is fill out their reimbursement forms so that taxpayers can pay for their breakfast, lunch, dinner, alcohol, gas and lodging while they gather in one big room and talk what new taxes they can come up with for their own greed. It’s obvious they have no care to make our lives prosperous.

Washington State has been controlled by Democrats since 1985; that’s 36 years. It’s time for a fresh new conservative approach. It’s time to replace these tax hungry 2-faced phony adult legislators with “Robin Hoods.”

I, too, was tired of listening to CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and all these Democrat Liberal MSM that report the same propaganda and lies.

Big Tech banning and censuring doctors’ and conservatives’ websites made all the more reason to not trust any of their MSM. Thank goodness we have our freedom not to listen or read their farce. At least there’s a newspaper Epoch Times that we can read (or you can go online and read it daily) and one okay news channel OAN that we can listen to with a feeling of hope.

Toni Below



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