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Who has fascist yearnings?

To The Eagle:

J.B.’s attempt to defend the indefensible last week scores zero for four:

Abortion up to the point of birth and even after, and abortion for the purpose of selling baby spare parts qualifies as pretty much unlimited, and if those procedures are advocated or performed using taxpayer funds, then it is indeed everyone’s business. That “agonizing decision” should be made with input from parents and loved ones, particularly in the case of adolescents.

Revered or not, monuments are public property and no one has the right to topple, deface, or destroy them without explicit permission from our elected representatives.

Forty acres and a mule was promised by General William Tecumsah Sherman in Special Field Order #15, 1-16-1865, not General Grant. The only entity torturing race relations at present is the Democrat Party and its neo-Marxist controllers.

Biden’s “lead by power of example” has yielded high unemployment, high taxes, inflation, and restoration of power to Iran, Russia, North Korea, and China. So, who has the “fascist yearnings?”

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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