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We hate the sins, not the sinner

To The Eagle:

A recent contributor expressed pride in her Swiss heritage, but her claim of “zero home invasions” in Switzerland is false. That nation’s 2020 National Crime & Safety Report states“ Burglaries remain a primary concern. Home invasion remains more common than vehicle theft.”

True, the Swiss population constitutes a standing national militia but military ordnance is kept at home under strict guidelines. The weapon is in the cellar, the firing pin in the cupboard, and the ammunition secured at a military arsenal.

Does "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” sound familiar? The Swiss arrangement of citizen soldiers homing their weapons is the original, exclusive, but now thoroughly corrupted, intention of our 2nd Amendment.

The Swiss keep guns for national, not personal, security. Accumulating guns and ammunition for self protection is not a Swiss obsession and is in fact illegal there. Handgun ownership is tightly restricted. I reject the writer’s paranoiac delusion that “our homes and loved one’s will never be safe” until we all have a gun.

I also reject that author’s absurd implication that “good law enforcement officers are demoralized” at the prospect of gun control. In our gun obsessed society, policemen patrol fearing that any citizen encounter, traffic stop, or domestic dispute, could, and sometime does, become a life threatening confrontation with an armed adversary.

As a result, some peace officers are overly aggressive, panicky and too quick on the trigger, imagining a gun in a hand that reaches at a critical, deadly moment, for a wallet, an asthma inhaler or a cell phone. For other officers, that fear and loathing is magnified if the citizen encountered is a “person of color.”

That writer wants us to “love America like she does.” She derides we (woke) social activists as “Socialist/Communist America haters.” Fighting the good fight against ingrained social injustice in our nation is our way of loving America. We hate the sins, not the sinner.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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