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Perhaps we should form a new state

To The Eagle:

Voters in Malheur, Sherman, Grant, Baker and Lake Counties in Oregon State voted on May 18 to consider joining the state of Idaho because they like Idaho’s conservative political leadership. Of course they would have to go through various measures to reposition the border lines.

The State of Washington was named in honor of George Washington. Personally, today I think George Washington would be appalled at what the legislatures have done to the State of Washington.

Perhaps we should do the same as to what the voters in Oregon did. Wahkiakum and all southern and eastern counties in Washington join the state of Idaho or better yet create a state of our own with our own government and call it the State of Freedom or Washington as to what he truly stands and fought for. Let Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia and Salem/Portland deal with their own city problems and we take care of our own rural problems. Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia can name their state Calamity and Salem/Portland as the state Catastrophe.

Toni Below



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