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The people deserve a lot better

To The Eagle:

"This mess has been in our soil. It's in our soul." This is a quote from the insulting and scurrilous opinion piece by the AP reprinted for the pleasure of the editor, staff and leftist readers of this little newspaper last week. It wasn't printed for the purpose of edifying and educating our little community; No it was dumped on the readership for the purpose of demoralising our mostly "white" populace. The staff wishes to educate us poor benighted white folks on the vast injuries done by us to "people of color." We need to re-educate ourselves in a most self effacing manner. We are sinners against that newest of American creeds: "equity" and "racial justice."

Why do so many white people abase themselves at the altar of race-consciousness? Why the pervasive guilt? To publish this huge lie that "white" people are any more prejudiced against non-whites than any other ethnic group is a fantasy from the ugly self-hating Left. Our nation is and has been at the front of encouraging and fostering equality and economic oppurtunity for all of its populace. To deny and lie about that is false and insane.

What makes supposedly well-meaning folks so mean and nasty? They seem to hate their very own community and welcome the stagnation and pain they inflict. And all for their own self importance and stature. Let us all reject this un-American and shallow effort from The Eagle and hope for better ownership in the future. The good people of this area deserve much better.

Mike Swift



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