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Writer insulted


To The Eagle:

This is a community comprised largely of “seasoned citizens” – folks who have been around the track, and through more than a few wars and disasters. We hit the road in the earlier parts of the last century wrapped in whatever skin God gave us, armed with whatever brainpower we could cobble together, and did our little part in contributing to the “land of the free and the home of the brave” that we were lucky enough to be born into.

Last week’s Eagle should have been the Memorial Day issue, devoted to those of us who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend this nation and preserve our values of freedom, independence, and liberty to pass along to our children. Instead, we opened the paper to a race-baiting Associated Press diatribe informing us that those of us with light-pigmented skin were indelibly domineering and oppressive, and too stupid to even discuss our failings with others. It shared the opinion page with one lonely letter arguing that we don’t really have the right to defend ourselves from the current governmental failure, and denigrating another citizen who suggested we did.

As a small town newspaper, The Eagle both informs us and represents us. The last issue was both an insult and an embarrassment.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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