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Racists come in all colors

To The Eagle:

In last week’s paper you made an analogy between cancer and slavery, well the horror that is cancer can be treated but has yet to be cured. Slavery was cured over 150 years ago even if some can't put it to rest.

I hear the nonsense call for cash reparations to so called descendants of slaves in the news, so where is the call for cash reparations for the descendants of the nearly 330,000 Union soldiers who died in battle and battlefield diseases during the Civil War to abolish slavery?

Fact: Racists come in all colors, shapes and backgrounds. This is still a free country; you have the right to like or dislike anyone for any reason but you do not have the right to harm anyone for any reason.

What part of White Privilege is Affirmative Action and hiring and college admission quotas? There is no such thing as White Privilege in this great country. Anyone of any race with the drive and skill can succeed if they work at it so please stop telling minority people they can't do well in America.

Now before anyone starts labeling me a racist, let me state I am not a racist, but if some small minded person thinks I am then shame on you for putting your hurtful labels on others.

Why does the Health Department give the total number of Covid cases since the beginning of the pandemic each week instead of pointing out that most of the cases are cured and only a small portion of the quoted number are active? I think people want the good news about Covid too.

God Bless America.

Paul Schreiber



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