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We've done the best job of defeating slavery


To The Eagle:

No! Absolutely not. This writer was not “insulted” as your headline claimed. Enraged perhaps, disappointed certainly; but it was the people of this community who were insulted by the AP article in question. A bolt from the Stygian depths of Critical Race Theory, this hit-piece finds white people intrinsically domineering, oppressive and totally incapable of recognizing or dealing with this insidious iteration of “original sin.”

Historically, it begs the question that we have done the best job of defeating both slavery and racism of any nation on the planet; that in doing so we prevailed in a war more destructive of human life than all of our other wars combined, and that any retreat from that benchmark has been engineered by the minions of the Democrat party. Socially, it denies us any seat at the table of racial parity, and personally it disregards and denigrates the humanistic efforts of ourselves, our families, and our previous generations.

This comes at a time when our benighted governor is mandating Critical Race Theory in our public schools while several other governors and legislatures are specifically prohibiting it, Wokies are busily rebuilding both segregation and Jim Crow (in the name of anti-racism), and our editor pleads ignorance of racial lore. We would suggest reading Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Shelby Steele. Ben Carson, and Candice Owens rather than the Deepti Hajela, and resist tarring the rest of us with that particular brush.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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