Silver Buckle Gaming Series


Submitted by Valerie Antijunti

Welcome back riders to the Wahkiakum Silver buckle gaming series. Due to my current chemo treatments I have had to delay the start of the series to August 7.

We will still have five shows. This year's show dates are August 7, September 11 and 25, and October 2 and 16. Riders must attend all five shows in order to qualify for the series high point. There is a series high point prize for each age group.

We will still have daily prizes going out to fourth place for each age group. There is also a daily high point prize. The following age groups will qualify for the daily high point: Pee Wee (11 yrs. and under), 12-18 years 19-35 years and 36 and over years. The novice walk/trot any age is not eligible for the daily high prize because this is a teaching/learning class. There have to be four riders in an age group to qualify for the daily high point prize.

We have brand new timing equipment that can store riders' times and tally their scores for the day. So much easier and better.

Mike Doan is again our arena manager. I am so grateful to have him back as the arena will need his magic touch.

We look forward to the restart of our gaming series and welcoming back all of our previous riders and hopefully some new riders.

For more information call Valerie Antijunti at 509-697-6049 or email me at


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