CRT and Chinook Nation discussed


To The Eagle:

Interesting that Desantis, the governor of Florida, in his infinite wisdom, has determined that critical race theory (CRT) rather than being actual history, is nothing more than ‘a hotbed of stale ideology'. I can sort of see why some would think that considering our history is filled with the horrors of centuries of slavery, the near eradication of the societies our forefathers poisoned by small pox and starved nearly out of existence by killing huge numbers of the bison the plains Indians depended on for nearly everything. The internment of the Japanese/American citizens and loss of their properties during WW2 was not taught in the schools I graduated from in 1961. Does that make me a better American? Depends on what one determines to be a good one and, of course, is totally subjective.

My friend and frequent contributor to these weekly letters made an excellent point last week concerning CRT. Unfortunately, some kids will be made to feel guilt and others feel owed to. Both of these reactions are uncalled for and need to be discouraged by parents and teachers. Not swept under the rug as the Honorable Desantis would do.

Yet again, Commissioner Dan Cothren, following the example of a few years ago when he was railing against what has come to be the highly successful cannabis store, is worried about the Chinook Nation being recognized. In spite of being informed that fish and game will be unchanged and the potential for millions of dollars coming this way, he remains adamant.

Oh well. We all know what can't be fixed.

James Roberts



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