Eagle taken to task


To The Eagle:

I understand that The Eagle has limited resources and isn't able to carry out much substantive reporting. But I have some complaints about your news items.

You recently reported that the high school had the largest graduation class for several years. But carefully didn't tell us how large it was. My class decades ago was only 22--below average for then by a dozen or so. Would like to have known the current size. Likewise, you reported several times that a heat wave hit the county. But didn't say how high the temperature was.

You also report about covid-19. But don't say how successful the local vaccination effort is. However, the NY Times website tells me that 52 percent of those 18 and up have not been vaccinated, a poor record (compared to 43 percent in Cowlitz county next door, also not so good).

To its credit, the county is now only listed as of "moderate" risk to those without shots; till recently it was considered to be of "high" risk.

Here's hoping future reports will do better covering the basics.

Robert Keatley

Washington D.C.


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