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Many resistant to education

To The Eagle:

A lady’s recently expressed opinions were unfortunately based upon disinformation disseminated by the AFLDS (America’s Frontline Doctors), a very small club of ultra-right-wing conspiracy obsessed physicians.

This handful of doctors, who have no specific training in epidemiology, virology or infectious disease, claim to have better knowledge of COVID-19 than the thousands of academic and pharmaceutical researchers who have forged specialized careers in these areas.

They’ve been notorious for dispensing falsehoods about the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccines, have alleged that alien DNA is being used in medical treatments and that researchers are working on a vaccine to prevent people from becoming religious.

The writer’s comments on the efficacy of vaccination and the usage of other medications, suffer from her profound misunderstanding of human physiology and pharmacology, rendering her credibility on those issues to be null.

Medical research has proven time and again that miracles based upon science can be performed. Despite our having been successfully immunized against Smallpox, Polio and Covid, it will indeed require a miracle to inoculate humanity against terminal stupidity and chronic gullibility.

Those afflicted by the recent resurgent plague of ignorance can oftentimes be cured with a good dose of education, but it appears many have built up considerable resistance to it.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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