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To The Eagle:

CDC reported that over 4,000 adults, including children and teenagers, that did not have COVID in their system and got vaccinated ended up getting COVID. We’re learning more reports of those who took the vaccine shot are suffering ailments like blood clots, paralysis, heart inflammations and more. The numbers are still rising.

Americas Front Line Doctors (AFLDS) used HCQ to fight the virus. They also wrote articles on what we can do to fight the virus. It’s simple. We need to build up and strengthen our immune system by eating a healthy balanced meal of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, simple exercise and a balanced amount of vitamins especially vitamin d and zinc. Do you read anything like that from the legislation?

I believe more viruses will emerge purposefully. We should be behooved to take AFLDS advice about strengthening our immune system. Even if you have a weak immune system and you think there’s no way to strengthen it, yes you can.

I see in the papers advertising “Tired of wearing a mask? Get vaccinated.” That is false advertising. They should say “experimental vaccine.” They need to let the public know we’re being used as guinea pigs.

When it comes to our body, our body is sacred and no legislators have the right to order us to wear masks, get vaccinated or the likes. They are violating the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution and the rule of law.

If people feel comfortable and confident to wear a mask and get vaccinated, so be it. Those who don’t, don’t. We have that right, that freedom to choose. We should all be respectful toward one another of the choice each of us chose to do.

I know I’m not being nice but neither are the legislators. We should be justifiably angry as to how they think they can have the authority to control our body and our lives. It sure would be nice to see the sign off the doors. Tell the legislators to suck it up and get a life. Say it with righteous indignation and with a smile.

Toni Below



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