Aquatic weed spraying planned mid-August


The Wahkiakum County Noxious Weed Program plans to start treating local waters for invasive weeds in the next few weeks.

Weed Control Manager Andy Lea reported last week that he has submitted the program's Aquatic Plant and Algae Management (APAM) General Permit to the state Department of Ecology for approval.

The target weeds are eurasian watermilfoil, parrotfeather, curlyleaf pondweed, all on the state weed list, and water stargrass, a native grass usually found in central Washington but is migrating down the Columbia. It has reached nuisance levels in Welcome Slough, Lea said.

Treatment areas this year include Welcome Slough and the Elochoman Slough Marina. If approved, treatment will occur no sooner than mid-August.

Proposed herbicides are Diquat and 2,4-D Amine.

At its July meeting, the weed board selected an aquatic applicator, Woodland Resource Services of Ellensburg.

"They are the same applicator that treats the Puget Island ditches," Lea said. "We are now in the 30 day comment period. Those people wishing to comment need to contact the Department of Ecology directly.

"As we get nearer the treatment window, notices will be given to all residents and businesses in the treatment area and within a quarter mile."


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