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To The Eagle:

I have observed recently on an ever increasing basis that it has become the trend for stores to give their customers less for more. Have you noticed what you buy is smaller, there is less of it, the containers are smaller? And it all costs more!

I do believe this trend is the work of the “Bean Counters.” I am guessing they think that they have a captive customer base. “People can’t do without what we sell so we can get away with giving less product for more money.” Also this trend may be an attempt to offset inflation.

Oops, Uh Oh! The bean counters have forgotten, or choose to ignore, the fact that not so long ago people only had what they could build or grow or hunt for to provide for their living. And while things have changed, if you take advantage of your customers badly enough they will start to remember they do not have to be the victims of this grand rip off we are living in today.

The concept is, “making do with what I’ve got” and “I can make my own,” etc.

Along with this we have inflation, increased government spending with the resulting increase in taxation to cover it.

I am not predicting gloom and doom but I do recommend to all that you take a good hard look at what is really going on and plan for the worst and hope for the best. The Boy Scout Motto says it: “Be prepared.”

Ben Elkinton



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