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To The Eagle:

The irony of the week has to be the flapdoodle by the Honorable Governor of Texas stating, "It's outrageous that the Dems are obstructing voting on our bill." Of course the bill under consideration was designed to obstruct voting. He really did say that. Just wow. Not to be outdone, we have our own folks here that also seem to have attended the University of The Flat Earth Society. To wit: quoting a cabal of Qanon inspired doctors in regard to the efficacy of vaccines against Covid-19. Apparently the actual facts generated by current events have flown well over the heads and completely out of reach of these few. The reality that areas of the country way behind in vaccinations are way ahead in the infection rates has escaped these insouciant souls.

Not to be outdone in the race towards the bottom, our very own state rep actually wore a yellow Star of David to express his displeasure in using common sense and care of others by equating his ‘torture' of wearing a mask to those of German Jews during the Third Reich. Of course he apologized (wink-wink) but, really people, this guy gets reelected? Another wow. Can't make this stuff up. Well, enough for now. Maybe grab an AR-15 and head to the mall. You know, just in case a terrorist shows up.

James Roberts



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