What happened to Rule #3?


To The Eagle:

What in the world happened to Rule #3 ? We of the scribbling class are admonished by The Eagle to eschew personal attacks and character assassination, but it appears that some can avoid rejection or censorship (editing) by circumspection. To wit: last week “a writer” calls out “a lady” for her perfectly valid commentary on Covid treatments, and then relegates her (somewhat indirectly) to the realm of “terminal stupidity and chronic gullibility.” Along the way he took a swipe at AFLDS, a group she had quoted, as “right-wing conspiracy-obsessed.” Their actual claim to fame was to be condemned by the intellectual wizards at CNN and then yanked from social media by the high tech moguls of the cancel culture.

On the same day this letter was published, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy issued a horrifying announcement calling for massive censorship of “vaccination misinformation” by all branches of the cancel culture, ignoring three salient facts: (1) Some preexisting conditions preclude the vaccine. (2) It is our constitutionally guaranteed right to make this decision for ourselves. (3) The vaccines are approved on an experimental or provisional basis only, which doubles down on our right to make our own decisions.

Alas, some of us are still constrained by that pesky Rule #3.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island

 Editor’s note: Many letters by many writers, including that to which Mr. Brawn refers, are edited, including for Rule 3. The editor would prefer writers stick to issues and avoid personal attacks.


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