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Who is controlling everything we see?


To The Eagle:

Last fall the media turned color, even Jake from State Farm turned black. The sad part is the racist exclusion of Asian, hispanic and other minority groups in this agenda.

Whenever you see a black person on TV, they are always portrayed as being more intelligent. You saw the smart black person gently put the Dominos pizza in the back of the car, while the dumb person throws it against the side of the car onto the ground.

Every time a black male is interacting or shown with a female, the female is always lighter skin-toned. We cannot imagine the feeling of humiliation, degradation, and ostracism of black women being portrayed as undesirable to male members of their own race. I asked a black woman to help me organize a group to fight the media’s racist, sexual attack on black women. Her response was, “There is nothing we can do.”

The sad part is “there is nothing we can do” to stop this racist propaganda and brain washing. Virtually every media outlet is involved. Who or what is controlling and censoring everything we see and hear? They can call burning, looting and murder a protest. They can perpetuate civil war, influence elections, further divide political parties, inflame racism and blame who or whatever they want. But what gives them the privilege to censor and silence opposing views? Money? Government?

For even questioning their agenda, people will be shouted down, called a racist, said to have white privilege, being part of systemic racism, bringing back Jim Crow and conspiring to keep minorities down.

I’ve been called a gringo (in South America), Whitey, cracker, white mother f---ing honkey (in America), gweilo (foreign devil in China), and howly (in Hawaii) just for walking down the wrong street. Now kids in school are being taught “only white people can be racists.”

I confess, living in Brookfield, on (formerly) Jim Crow Creek and fishing Jim Crow drift, I will admit to being a Jim Crowist.

Joe Budnick

Green Valley, AZ


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