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Meet the 3 young ladies running for fair queen: Helen Lewis

Wahkiakum County Fair princess Helen Lewis, 14, of Skamokawa, will be a freshman at Wahkiakum High School in the fall.

She decided to tackle the role following encouragement from her mom but is finding her own reasons to do it as well.

"My mother wants me to be involved more; I'm kind of doing it for her," Helen said. "It's something to do; it keeps me busy; it keeps me involved, and I'm getting to know more people."

Helen and her family moved here from Longview when she was in fourth grade. She's enjoying her summer, but is looking forward to the start of school and volleyball and basketball. While she's never participated in 4-H, she's thinking about joining in the next year.

Maybe she can show chickens. The Lewis family currently has 10 of them.

Helen has been going to the fair every year to hang out with her friends and look around.

"It's something we do a lot," she said.

Helen has offered a 50/50 raffle as part of her fundraising for the fair, and thanks to her mom and a popcorn stand, they are raising money every Friday at the Elochoman Marina Farmers Market.

Helen is the daughter of Julia and Steve Lewis.


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