Pandemic was badly mishandled


To The Eagle:

We know as a matter of ineluctable fact that the pandemic was badly mishandled by government entities and the media, if not from day one, at least from day 90 or so. Masks were ineffectual, other medical equipment misused, perfectly good therapeutics ignored or banned, lockdowns unnecessary and destructive after the first three weeks or so, and information constantly distorted in favor of inducing panic rather than facilitating good decision-making. In short, it was driven by bad politics rather than good medicine.

The vaccination phase was also bungled, mainly by taking distribution out of the hands of the medical community and assigning it to a combination of the general supply chain and the public health bureaucracy. If administered by personal physicians, risks, constraints, and realistic priorities could have been observed, all based on a wider variety of information.

Against this backdrop, when a local lady offers vaccination observations, with proper source references for some of them and is subsequently characterized, however slyly or indirectly, as terminally stupid or chronically gullible, that is bullying pure and simple. When that bullying is supported and rebuttals to it are rejected or modified by an editor, that’s censorship.

Welcome to the Cancel Culture.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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