Free flow of medical information needed


August 5, 2021

To The Eagle:

We have a family member in California who has been under treatment for latent tuberculosis for the past 15 years and has received conflicting advice from doctors concerning Covid vaccination. Just after the July 4 holiday she was bullied by one of her doctors into taking the vaccine, and her vital signs went instantly off the charts in all directions. Ten days and four ER visits later she seems to be out of life-threatening danger and perhaps on the mend.

In her neighborhood lives an RN who lost her son as the direct result of a Covid vaccination. Medical experts are still trying to analyze the precise cause of death, but this lady nonetheless has an ultimatum from her employer that she must get vaccinated or lose her job. And right here on Puget Island, an elderly friend got his vaccination in February and it tipped him deep into dementia; he is now institutionalized.

Last week President Biden called for renewed mask mandates, more vaccination coercion, and suppression of what he calls misinformation about vaccination. Several government agencies and corporations have joined the bullying brigade. Our (ignored) constitution was designed to protect us from this kind of tyranny, but it protects us only from government. Companies and corporations are private entities and have the legal right to issue such policy proclamations, but hopefully might have the common sense or common decency not to.

What is needed at this moment is free flow of information and open debate without fear of censorship by media, or censure from our neighbors. Apparently, common sense and decency are in short supply in government, medical bureaucracy, and the halls of journalism.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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