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Plethora of new media on internet

To The Eagle:

So now we see what the future holds for our republic; ever increasing violence and dependency for our people. This administration is ruining our very freedoms and the will to resist with lockdowns, collusion with Big Tech with censorship of free speech, the cheapening of our currency with its partner, ever-increasing inflation and reopening the floodgates to millions of undocumented immigrants will kill the United States of America.

For all the soft-headed who believe that a little tyranny will help us get over our problems, I say you are as wrong as it is possible to be. I urge all of you don’t-want-to-get-involved folks to re-examine your timidity and start to understand the position of your state, your nation, your community. Watch more than the legacy TV and media that only present the corporate sanitized version of reality. The internet offers a plethora of new media that gives a less myopic view. Daily Wire, Prager U, Tim Pool, Dave Rubin, Scott Adams are just a sample of alternatives. Wake up and smell the coffee or our posterity will curse our generation.

Mike Swift



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