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Fire District 3 acquires heat detection cameras

Three FLIR E6-XT Infrared Cameras arrived recently for Fire District #3 through a 2020 grant from the Foundation for Rural Services Grant Program. FLIR infrared cameras can identify and locate hot spot fires in a burning building by recognizing extreme high temperatures through a wall or from outside a building.

Firefighters say these small, handheld cameras are powerful, cost-effective and easy to use. They contain specific technology for thermal energy detailing. They also connect to computers sharing the images on site and sending reports from any location enabling personnel on the ground to make critical decisions faster with data from their phones or other devices. The images produced reveal the sources of electrical, mechanical, and building related problems.

The grant request totaled $4,979 with a corporate sponsor, Wahkiakum West Telephone, donating $479 toward the total cost of the project. At a cost of $1,599 each, the granted funds supported Fire District #3 in purchasing three of the Infrared Cameras. Formed in the early 1950’s, Wahkiakum Fire District #3 is an all-volunteer department with a fire chief and 28 volunteer firefighters, with 14 certified as EMT-Basic or higher. Based in Grays River, the district serves the western part of Wahkiakum County with three fire stations built to cover 100 square miles with a population of 784.

The fire district has a non-profit 501 c3 status through their Fire District Foundation. Donations can be made to the Fire District Foundation at any time and mailed to PO Box 10, Rosburg WA 98643


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