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America is on its back


August 26, 2021

To The Eagle:

Hey Biden voters, are you happy now? The catastrophes are mounting in number and size. We are being inundated with a constant barrage of bad news and I’m not talking about the Mariners or Seahawks marginal seasons. Soaring prices for everything we buy, increased crime and savagery in our miserable cities, and a message of doom for our entire civilization from the “Woke” idiots. I refer to the consequences from our weak and confused “leader,” senile and weak Joe Biden.

America is not back, it’s on its back. The rest of the world noticed. Were all of you Biden bumkissers bedazzled by his halting but flowery oratory? Or was it just your hate for Trump and his supporters? Did you believe the preposterous lies the legacy media spoon fed you, the Russian collusion hoax, the fine people hoax, the Ukrainian phone call hoax, the Russian bounties on U.S. troops hoax, that Jan. 6 was an insurrection in which a capitol policeman was murdered hoax etc., etc.?

Democrats seem to care only about handouts without end, because, you know, the virus. Of course, the media cheerleaders are lying to the misinformed, the same crap they always spew every minute of every day. Keep the fool public in the dark, they will vote for us anyway cause you know, unions, Nixon.

Biden’s kid-glove interview with Democrat operative, StepOnAllOfUs, was damning of him with ABC censoring the most damning quotes. In case you missed it, he forgot which branch of the military his son Beau served in; And was it Iraq or Afghanistan? Whatever says ABC.

Clueless Joe doesn’t know his rear end from a hole in the ground. He and his fool party are betting that the U.S. is finished and we would be better off as supplicants to the world. His incompetent replacement is waiting to take over. They will push us over the edge if we submit to their lies. Enjoy!

Mike Swift



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