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AFLDS are genuine doctors


September 2, 2021

To The Eagle:

Part 2. Regarding The Eagle’s article on the commissioners’ meeting about public health and covid-19, Gene Strong and Chris Bischoff mentioned that the county and health department by law must follow the directives of the governor and the state Dept. of Health or the state could revoke its license to practice. For big government to order any businesses to mandate such mask and vaccines to their employees and customers or risk being fired, license revoked or fined with penalties is pure tyranny.

As I said before, for big government to order us to inject foreign substances into our body whether they’re safe or not is unconstitutional. Personally, this is not about Covid anymore. Yes, it exists; so does Aids, Ebola, Cancer, etc. We cannot turn our cheek and expect this tyrannical incident to go away. We do that, we lose the USA. We’ve no doubt big media, big tech, big government are tyrants embedded somehow with the tyrannical regime to brainwash us with fear so they can better control us. What their motives are I have no idea. Power? Greed? Or they like to see if they can put the fear in us out of sheer delight.

We have two choices: you can bend your knee to tyranny or bend your knee to our Higher Power, the US Constitution and Freedom. It’s up to us to let big government know they are employees and we are not afraid and will not tolerate tyranny or they risk impeachment and being replaced with “Robin Hoods.”

AFLDS are genuine doctors with various medical degrees. They worked in hospitals and with patients. The real quack is Fauci. From what I’ve researched, he does not work in a hospital. He worked in a lab with petri dishes, rodents, foster children and aborted babies. From time to time, he spews out yo-yo information. In my opinion, he looks at us more as guinea pigs than as human beings. Do your research.

Toni Below



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