Covid-19 update

County adds 11 cases to reach total of 207


September 16, 2021

There were eleven new cases of covid-19 reported in Wahkiakum County over the last week, with one on Monday, and 10 on Tuesday. This brings the cumulative total to 207, with 18 considered potentially active. So far, 13 people have been hospitalized, and five deaths of county residents have been attributed to covid-19.

The ages of the cases on Tuesday ranged from two to 84 years, and while there were a couple small clusters, they appeared to be otherwise unrelated.

Wahkiakum Health and Human Services is working to identify anyone who may have an exposure risk following close contact with these individuals. Anyone determined to have close contact will be notified by WHHS staff.

Vaccines, which are considered to be the best possible protection from covid-19, are freely available to anyone 12 and older in Wahkiakum County. WHHS is encouraging anyone who hasn’t already been vaccinated to contact the health department or their personal medical provider to get scheduled for one.

Vaccine numbers in the county did not change much in the last week. Including the total population of the county, 44.9 percent are fully vaccinated, and 48.6 percent have initiated vaccination. Of the population 16 and older, 51.1 percent are fully vaccinated, while 55.2 percent have initiated vaccination. Of the population 12 and older, 49.8 percent are fully vaccinated while 53.9 percent have initiated vaccination.

In comparison, 68.1 percent of the state of Washington aged 12 and up is fully vaccinated.


“No boosters yet,” WHHS Director Chris Bischoff said on Tuesday. “The Food and Drug Administration and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices have not seen enough data yet to recommend boosters for previously vaccinated individuals. Approval is unlikely to come prior to the President’s date of September 20.”

However, third doses are still encouraged for immunocompromised individuals.

Bischoff said that there has been “significant drops” in new cases in surrounding counties, and that “hospitalizations and ICU bed usage is leveling off around the state.”

As for mandatory vaccinations, Bischoff said they were still waiting for more details on the President’s announcement regarding the issue.

Flu shots

Bischoff advised everyone to get a flu shot.

They are starting to become available at various locations, he said, but the health department does not have any vaccine yet, and they are not sure when they will arrive.

People should talk to their doctor about timing for the flu shot if they are immunocompromised and are getting the booster, he added.


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