Medical science refutes covid political half-truths


September 23, 2021

To The Eagle:

Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) is a real threat according to doctors and peer reviewed medical studies. CDC Director Walensky said (March 2021) people who get covid-19 vaccine could not get covid virus, now she says (August 2021) people who got covid-19 vaccine have "increased risk of severe disease." That is ADE she is talking about without saying it. Dr. Fauci recently said people who get vaccinated, then get infected and die from the disease he called it "enhancement." Dr. Fauci was calling it ADE without using that medical term.

Journal of Infection (August 2021), Nouara Yahi, Henri Chahinian, and Jacques Fantini provide medical evidence that antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) is a risk to those who receive EUA vaccines.

Dr. Christina Parks, PhD (Celluar and Molecular Biology) testified on 8/19/21, original Covid-19 variant is no longer a threat and vaccines will result in ADE for those who have taken EUA vaccines.

Covid is like influenza (medical science), both are respiratory viruses. Every human on earth will be exposed and mortality rate for covid is <0.5% for healthy individuals. Masks do not protect you from being infected; they help prevent you spreading it to others.

I am not anti-vaccine, they are totally necessary for those with compromised immune systems. They are not designed for people with healthy immune systems as they de-rail human’s natural Nucleocapsid protein antibody response (medical science). Talk to your MD learn about true Hippocratic Oath medical treatments (read studies), ignore any politician driven agenda. Ask why 40% of FDA employees are not vaccinated (Congressional testimony). Ask why Pfizer and Moderna board of directors don’t mandate vaccination of themselves and their employees. Ask why PhD professionals are the ‘most vaccine hesitant group’ in the US.

R. Fritz



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