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Arena assistance needed

To The Eagle:

The Skamokawa fairgrounds arena footing is in rough shape. We raised enough money to buy an arena groomer a few years ago. In 2019 we used the money to purchase screened dirt for the arena. The problem is that the footing isn't very deep, only about two inches. It will take about 18-20 more dump truck loads of dirt to bring it up to where it belongs. I'm working on that with the profits from the series.

What we need help with is for anybody who has a spring tooth harrow that we can borrow to help break up the hardpan that is right under the surface. This was last done by Mike Doan from Long Beach. This year he has been off fighting fires and hasn't been able to come and do the work.

There were two falls during the fair by 4-H'ers and their horses. We have had 1-2 riders at every show go down/fall and more slipping. This is bad for both horse and rider. It is not just needed for the series but for anybody who rides in the arena.

Please let me know what you can do.

Valerie Antijunti

Silver Buckle Series coordinator, 509-697-6049


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