Writer gives reasons not to take vaccine


October 7, 2021

To The Eagle:

In regard to Bill Wainright’s letter to the editor about people rejecting free vaccine to help them stay alive; I can think of two reasons why people rejected.

One, the vaccine is still an experimental drug. The government and CDC are not on the same page anymore when spewing out information and statistics. Big media, big tech and big government want you to only read their narrative and so they banned and censored many conservatives and doctors websites, yet they allow terrorists like ISIS, BLM, Taliban, etc., to have their websites. We are not receiving the truth; only propaganda and misconstrued facts.

Two, it is not free. Pharmaceutical companies are making huge profits from it. How? By yanking it out of the pockets of the taxpayers’ hard earned wages; the same way we pay to all of the government employees, Planned Parenthood (we’re paying for abortions, birth controls, and other so-called disservices). We pay for the world leaders’ salaries that oversee WHO, UNESCO, CCP, Paris Climate, etc., and we get nothing in return from them. I was happy when President Trump, during his administration, severed ties with some of these leaders of global affairs but then along came the Biden administration. They rejoined these worthless global affairs; didn’t even ask permission if they could use our money to join. We have thugs acting like tyrants taking over our country. I am surprised that the Biden administration has not been impeached including Inslee and Brown and the likes of them.

Getting back to the vaccine, the pharmaceutical companies are not the only ones making a profit. Many big name legislators and personalities have invested into it and you wonder why they are so obsessively gung ho to mandate the vaccine. You think they’re doing it for the safety of our health?

Perhaps that is why people are rejecting. I am one of them.

Toni Below


Editor’s note: While we at The Eagle want to provide a forum for a wide variety of spirited public comment, we don’t want to be a vector for misinformation, especially about the proven effectiveness of vaccines, wearing of masks and other measures to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus. When the virus gets a chance, it spreads like wildfire. This will be the last letter like this.


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