Some ways to combat erroneous information


October 14, 2021

To The Eagle:

Our editor has pledged to protect us from the torrent of bum dope about vaccine efficacy that is now descending upon us (see editor’s note under Toni Below’s letter last issue). There are several ways to combat erroneous information. First is to meet it head on with corrected facts and superior logic (that’s called debate). Next is concoct a series of half-truths or lies and shout them louder than the other guy. Third is to impugn the integrity, character, or intelligence of the author, and suppress the info. That’s called “shooting the messenger.”

Ironically, the editor’s note appeared during the same week that thousands of people are quitting or being fired rather than comply with unreasonable, probably unlawful, and totally unnecessary vaccine mandates. It’s pretty obvious that the pandemic, whatever its origins, was launched for the dual purpose of defenestrating Trump and destroying our morale and economy. With the pandemic in place the first key move was to destroy the integrity of our electoral system, and that became the first object for censorship in The Eagle back in December. Now it’s vaccines.

Here are just a few random facts apparently destined never to see the light of day in this county: 4493 fully vaccinated Americans have died from Covid-19. Approximately 20 percent of recent hospital admissions were vaccinated. An even higher percentage were noted to be asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic. Merck’s new pill (non-vaccine) reduces risk of hospitalization and death by 50 percent. Monoclonal treatment reduces the risk by 85 percent. Last week the New York Times retracted a statement that 900,000 children had been hospitalized with Covid-19. The correct number was 63,000 (a 14-fold exaggeration).

All those facts are from good sources, but they are all eligible for debate, revision, or even debunking, but that can’t happen if they are never published. Censorship is an insult to the integrity of your writers and the intelligence of your readers.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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