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Low vaccination rates allow variants to evolve

To The Eagle

I greet the news with mixed reaction. On the one hand, opinionated pestilential nonsense concerning the Covid-19 vaccinations being shut down seems a good thing. On the other, our frequent contributor from Puget Island is correct in stating the indisputable fact that the messenger was shot because the message was toxic to common sense and is probably a good thing to nip it in the bud, so to speak. Of course the cat is out of the bag and has been for quite a while. People that get their ‘facts' and do their ‘research' on Facebook, Fox News and other internet ‘sources' need to be muzzled to prevent further death in our gullible population. Even their Golden Boy (the gold comes from a bottle) when encouraging the minions to get vaccinated was booed!

We all of a certain age have a scar on our upper arm indicating our successful fight against small pox. We all had to have certain shots to be in school. We all have to have insurance to operate a motor vehicle and we all must wear a seat belt. Of course, every now and then a ‘freedom' loving individual gets in a wreck and dies after being ejected from their vehicle. Live free or die? OK. You won? Hmm. Facts are just facts. Places with low vaccination rates have the highest numbers of deaths from Covid-19. Variants E, F, and G are on the way if the virus is allowed to continue and evolve. That alone, one would think, would make them want to get vaccinated.

James Roberts



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