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Censorship is un-American

To The Eagle:

When the editor stated misinformation about covid 19 would not be allowed I had to wonder what scientist on staff at The Eagle would make the determination as to what was misinformation.

I guess now so long as you are on the same side as that scientist you can post misinformation such as the heading of one letter last week that "Low vaccination rates allow variants to evolve." Where is the science to support that claim MSNBC, CNN or Saturday Night Live?

I have to wonder why we Americans can not debate Covid 19 without the anger toward each other, while no one seems to care that China one way or another gave us this killer and we are not as mad at them as we are with each other, can you explain that because I can not.

The world should be demanding that China blow up the Wuhon lab and any open air markets for those of you that still buy the nonsense that Covid 19 came from one of those.

I hear the Pro Choice supporters say keep your hands off a woman's body but those same hippocrates want people fired from their jobs because they for whatever reason want the right to say keep your vaccine out of my body and just so you know I am vaccinated but believe people should exercise the freedoms we are blessed with.

The Democrats care so much about us that they make us wear masks, stay six feet apart, get us fired from our jobs because some chose not to get vaccinated, but then let in across our border millions of unvaccinated people from only God knows where.

Paul Schreiber



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