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Why we observe Veterans day

From the National Office

of the Veterans of Foreign Wars

Going all the way back to the American Revolution, for everyone who served, there was no question about what they were fighting for; it was for their house, their home, their business, their farm, their village, town or city: It was for freedom.

That freedom has transcended generations, not because it has been guaranteed, or has come easy, but because over the years, selfless Americans have continued to stand up, raise their right hand and commit to ensuring liberty for all.

On November 11, we celebrate the millions of veterans who have ensured our freedom since America’s humble beginning.

We celebrate their determination, dedication, and unwavering patriotism.

Through war and in times of peace, America’s veterans have remained committed to ensuring our great country remains the land of the free, and it is surely the home of the brave.

Throughout our history, time and again, our veterans have answered the call to service with resolve and resilience, and we have all reaped the many benefits of their selflessness.

For many in our country, today is just another day. They may be at home or work, or out running errands and other things, oblivious to the occasion. But for those of us recognizing today, we know the importance of this day, the importance of honoring the sacrifice of the relative few who afford each and every American the opportunity to live free of tyranny and fear.

Since the VFW was founded in 1899, we, through our thousands of posts and millions of members, have worked diligently to turn indifference toward veterans into making a difference for veterans.

While we cannot ever fully repay the debt of gratitude we owe this special group of individuals, we start by celebrating them today; we teach our children of their sacrifices; we encourage others to show their support and appreciation at every turn; we work to honor our veterans not just on Veterans Day, but every single day.

Every American citizen has a role to play in carrying forward the legacy of our freedom.

That’s one reason why it is so important that we continue to reach out and support our newest generation of veterans--those who have returned from the front lines in Afghanistan--and help pick them up when they are down, offer support through their transition to civilian life, and help carry them when they are weary and feeling alone. We can never repay the debt we owe to our nation’s heroes, but it remains our duty to try.

On Veterans Day, the more than 1.5 million members of the VFW and its auxiliary celebrate and honor the millions of American heroes who have selflessly gone whenever and wherever they were called.

We hope Veterans Day serves to motivate us all with a renewed sense of patriotism, purpose, and pride. For America is truly the best country on earth as a direct result of those who serve it.

Thank you to all brothers and sisters in arms. Happy Veterans Day to each of you!

Edited and submitted by Bill Tawater

Commander, Wahkiakum Post 5297


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