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Writer challenges report's accuracy

To The Eagle:

In regards to the article by Karen Bertroch on Nov. 11, Naselle school board meeting: What she wrote about the military man who spoke was totally wrong. What he said was he's been around the world and what is happening now is that our country is going down hill. He asked if the school board has access to a lawyer and if so, that they should utilize them. He never said to follow authority. If a reporter is there to report what happens and what is said they need to get the information right, if they don't get it correct then it shouldn't be printed. This is very upsetting and discouraging. If this was reported wrong how many more articles have been reported wrong?

Karma Garcia


Editor's note: After being called out at a school board meeting Tuesday night, the reporter understands that she misunderstood the speaker. We apologize for the misunderstanding.


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