What damage was done to our electoral system?


November 25, 2021

To The Eagle:

It seems the inmates still rule the asylum. Acquitted recently of all charges, Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17 year old minor in possession of an illegally purchased AR-15 rifle, went looking for trouble in riot plagued Kenosha, Wisconsin. He hooked up with an illegal local militia and shot to death two men and severely wounded a paramedic, all of whom were trying subdue him, thinking he was an active shooter, which he indeed proved to be.

Rittenhouse found the trouble he was looking for and created the mayhem against which he “defended himself”- an action not unlike that of the Kenosha police who shot unarmed resident, Jacob Blake, seven times in the back during a domestic disturbance call, setting off the incendiary days of rage that drew Rittenhouse to Kenosha like a dangerous kid to a deadly circus.

That killing of citizens by an irate gun toting vigilante with his own violent agenda mirrored the recent actions of a Brunswick, Georgia father and son and their neighbor who stalked an unarmed Black jogger, Ahmed Aubrey, in a pickup truck and shotgunned him to death without provocation because they “thought he might be a burglar.” Nah, racism’s no problem in this land of the free and brave.

Ready for more crazy stuff ? Cleta Mitchell, an attorney and voter fraud conspiracist who joined then President Trump in the January phone call pressuring Georgia officials to “find” 11,000 more votes for him, now sits on the advisory board for the Election Assistance Commission, the only federal agency with authority over elections.

The twisted bipartisan shills who selected Mitchell, discussed her qualifications and arrived at their decision entirely by email, preventing public scrutiny. That doesn’t bode well for future federal election integrity, a cause to which Republicans outrageously claim to be devoted.

Speaking of which, what was the exact nature of that “damage done to our electoral system by the Democratic party” as claimed by our neighborhood troll? Never have gotten an honest answer to that one.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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