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Horrors are piling up

To The Eagle:

No cash bail? No enforcement of civil order? Defund the police? Let major felons out on low bail? Persecute people for murder who obviously protect themselves from murderous rioters? Cut off energy production from oil and natural gas producers to somehow reduce pollution and reward our enemies? Cowardly abandon your fellow citizens, friends, and helpers to the Taliban? Teach children to hate themselves for their “white privilege.” Depress and step on the very people of your own country with a monstrous taxation and welfare scheme? Vilify individuals who have the courage to protect themselves and their community? Allow your major city centers and retail districts to be looted and pillaged? Build back better?

These and the many other horrors being visited on the people of our great country are piling up. Most can see this but a good percentage of the populace clings to the mass media in their laziness and indolence. The wallowing in lies and self- congratulation is getting to be too much to bear. The lack of courage and seriousness is blithely accepted and the old lies live as king.

The foolishness of our president and democrat party lies exposed to all but the fools who vote for it. The familiar-as-rain practice of sitting down to the evening “news” and reading the execrable Daily News or Oregonian, or the reprinted lies from the AP in this little paper, and considering yourself to be “informed” is laughable and absurd.

Turn your TV off. Your safe little world is not safe. You are filling your mind with lies and hate. Those lies and hate are coming from the top, the “experts”, Biden, the Obamas, the John Kerrys, or the Rashida Tlaibs. Democrats, why not rehang your Biden signs and banners? Show what big hearts and lack of critical thinking you possess. You voted for this madness.

Mike Swift



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