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India reports best recovery rate world wide

To The Eagle:

Bold statements need checking. JBB says “This is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” That is flat out mis-information. Bill of Responsibility requires the whole truth.

Sweden’s Umeå University study found after six months vaccinated people have negative efficacy (more susceptible to Covid infection than unvaccinated). Study also found multiple, frequent vaccine boosters are required to maintain any durability once a person becomes vaccinated with either mRNA or DNA vaccine.

Syracuse University reports 93 percent of campus Covid transmission between fully vaccinated individuals. (Daily Orange SU Newspaper)

Irish report stated: “54% of Covid-19 hospitalized patients were fully vaccinated, 44% were partially vaccinated.” (Irish Times)

“Seeing a dramatic surge in new Covid cases. Israel …fully vaccinated a majority of its citizens against Covid-19. Now it has one of the world's highest daily infection rates.” “Doctors say half of Israel's seriously ill patients who are currently hospitalized were fully vaccinated at least five months ago.” (NPR)

On the brighter side, our natural “Covid immunity” is steadily growing 239+ million worldwide and 40+ million in the USA have fully recovered from Covid-19 infection. “Herd immunity will require both natural antibody immunity and vaccine protections.” (NIH)

Sidebar: The best recovery rate worldwide, India reports 34.6 million infections and 34 million recoveries from Covid. In India only 27 percent of population is fully vaccinated. (India Times)

R. Fritz



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