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We will get back to living our lives of freedom

To The Eagle:

I canceled my subscription to the TDN a while back because of its propaganda, bias and misinformation in politics and coronavirus. However, TDN does send me emails on a daily basis of headline news with the hope that I will renew my subscription.

I got an email of headline news from them that shows a picture of an airport at Netherlands about omicron showing up days earlier than first thought. What I want to point out is that photo of the airport. The photo shows two lanes with travelers standing and walking. A huge sign hangs high above the travelers’ heads. On the left of the sign it says ARRIVALS with an arrow pointing to the left and on the right of the sign it says QUARANTINE. No arrow but you can see travelers in that lane walking under that sign. What a haunting, eerie, twilight zone; I can’t find the words to describe that photo. It used to be when you went to the airport you were filled with excitement because you’re flying to a destination for a thrilling adventure. To see that photo is sad and disturbing. It takes out the joy of traveling and it certainly feels like gone are the days of seeing happy and smiling faces.

I am optimistic, though, that we will get back to living our lives of freedom, of seeing smiling and happy faces, like we did before all this happened. Gone will be the tyrants. They can no longer terrorize and brainwash us with threats, fear and intimidation because we will not let them.

PS: Thank you, Dan L. Cothren, for correcting the story about Rittenhouse’s trial. Thank goodness, justice has been served. I concur people need to stop drinking CNN and MSNBC’s Kool-Aid. They’ve been reprimanded before for reporting false news.

Toni Below



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