Wahkiakum Menus


December 9, 2021


Monday--French Toast Sticks or Cold Cereal.

Tuesday--Yogurt & Graham Cracker or Cold Cereal.

Wednesday--Blueberry Muffin or Cold Cereal.

Thursday--Mule Muffin or Cold Cereal.

Friday--Cinni-Mini Bagels or Cold Cereal.


All lunch entrees include the "5-Star Salad Bar" offering a variety of  fruits, vegetables, toppings and condiments.

Lunch choices include Salad Bar and Milk.

Dec. 13--Popcorn Chicken w/Baby Baker Potatoes.

Dec. 14--Taco Burger.

Dec. 15--Teriyaki Chicken w/Rice.

Dec. 16--Pizza.

Dec. 17--Corn Dog.


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