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Barge removal underway

In November, the Washington Department of Ecology received a report that an old barge was leaking oil into Deep River, and agencies came together to respond.

Last week the derelict barge was moved to the Oneida Boat Ramp. The move required a large crane that lifted the barge up enough to get it onto the shore at the boat launch site. A truck has been there for several days pumping oil/gas out of the barge.

All the oil/gas waste will be moved to a recycling process location and the metal from the barge will be taken apart and recycled so it can be used again.

During the project several people were on site from the Coast Guard, the construction companies involved and Ecology. In a few more days, there will be little left to be seen since it will all be moved away. A representative wants to remind local folks that funding for this project was not from any tax dollars; it was paid for with trust fund money from oil corporations' mitigation funds.


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