Two more years of Biden won't be picturesque


December 23, 2021

To The Eagle:

The Connecticut People’s World Committee, a member of the CCP, presented its annual Amistad Awards on Saturday to mark the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party USA. Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat representing Connecticut and one of the wealthiest members of the Senate estimated at over $100 million worth, presented the awards to Sen. Julie Kushner, D-Danbury, Pastor Rodney Wade of Waterbury and SEIU activist Azucena Santiago. He was “excited and honored” to speak at the awards ceremony. Later he expressed regret for attending. “If I had known the details, I wouldn’t have gone.”

Did you hear or read about that in the local news or newspaper? Do you believe everything that comes out of the mouths of these politicians? I wonder how many other politicians deceitfully are members of the CCP. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Biden administration is embedded with the CCP. So far, they’ve allowed CRT into our schools and country, our Southern border is a mess, they shut down the Keystone pipeline, unemployment is still high, they left Afghanistan in a disgraceful mess leaving many of our people and military equipment behind, they mandate vaccines and masks which are unconstitutional, they make up their own laws to twist the truths of what really happened on Jan 6, they still kept imprisoned many innocent Trump supporters who have no criminal record in solitary confinement, inflation skyrocketed with high price of gas and food and the list goes on. It makes you wonder what the reasons were for the Democrats and Rhinos to impeach President Trump. Who should be impeached now? Imagine what our country will be like if we allow the Biden administration to continue for the next two years? It won’t be picturesque.

Toni Below



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