Masks don't provide protection for us


December 30, 2021

To The Eagle:

Sometimes some things bear repeating. Masks. To understand why masks do not work, let’s first talk about breathing. It’s “the process of moving air out and in the lungs to facilitate gas exchange with the internal environment, mostly to flush out carbon dioxide and bring in oxygen.”

When we breathe in oxygen, it goes into our cells and it creates energy but it also makes carbon dioxide. To flush out the carbon dioxide, we breathe out.

If we don’t breathe out carbon dioxide properly, it could lead to a variety of sicknesses such as drowsiness, headaches, depression, seizures, even life threatening respiratory issues.

This is important; breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.

With that in mind, when the nose and mouth are covered with a mask for hours at a time, every time you breathe in and out, talk, cough or sneeze, all those germs, spit, mucous and carbon dioxide (junk) adheres to the mask. Knowing the junk is still on the mask, you are breathing it all back inside your body and that will weaken your immune system. I worry mostly for the people with health issues; for they should never wear a mask. We need to build up and strengthen our immune system, not weaken it.

Because I am deaf I need to read lips; some people think that is why I don’t wear a mask. That is not the reason. This is the reason why I will not wear it.

If the virus is floating in the air, we are already exposed in our hair, clothes and skin. No mask could protect us. We’re either sicker than a dog or dead.

There are no scientific proofs that masks work. Only to those that work in chemical labs, doctors who perform surgeries and construction workers depending upon the type of job they are working on. Again, it should be people's choice.

May 2022 bring better and good tidings to us all. We need it.

Toni Below



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