Some opinions do not bear repeating


January 6, 2022

To The Eagle:

A contributor’s recent new batch of nonsense makes it clear that some opinions definitely do not bear repeating, yet keep popping up from the muck like poisonous mushrooms.

We are being trolled again with “masks do not work,” “people with health issues should never wear masks,” “masks weaken your immune system,” “there are no scientific proofs that masks work at all” and "masks only work for doctors who perform surgery, chemical workers and construction workers.” Make up your mind lady. Either they work or they don’t, and as for wearing one, I could care less whether you do or you won’t.

I am totally amazed. All this time we thought that it was a deadly virus that was killing us! According to that woman, it’s actually face masks that have killed millions of people by causing hypoxia, suffocation, infection and seizures! Golly! Someone tell the CDC! I enjoy this opinion page for its entertainment value whether those opinions agree with mine or not. I find it less than entertaining when those opinions recycle shameless lies, or deliberate misinformation.

Grace Ling

Puget Island


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